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We Are Elfayez Real Estate Company

Al-Fayez Company was established in 2010 as it opened its first projects in the city of Sunrise and was able to establish the name of Al-Fayez among its customers and enter the real estate market to become one of the largest real estate developers and expanded in Badr City and the city of Sunrise as it has a significant previous work in the engineering field and the field of integrated finishes for projects

About Our Company

Our Commitment to Construction

About Al-Fayez company
Established Al-Fayez Company in 2010, when it opened its latest projects in Al-Shorouk, Badr City and Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra, where it was able to establish the name of Al-Fayez among its customers and enter the real estate market to become the largest real estate developers who meet all the needs of their customers and exceed their expectations to ensure them a life full of comfort and luxury.
As a result of its firm belief in the four core values the company relies on for development and construction


Core Values of El-fayez company

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Real value service
That is, the Al-Fayez customer pays the real value to his housing unit without any extra loading material   Because the company believes that the customer has the right to the housing unit that is retired, it is received in the same area without deduction of any other actual areas
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Safety service
The company has taken care of the safety content because it believes that every customer has the right to live in a safety level in his housing unit.   The safety is to choose the most accurate building materials for the establishment stage   And choosing the finest materials for finishing stages appropriate for long life
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Al Fayez family service
Because the company has a vision that its client is part of the Al-Fayez family Among the rules of this family is to maintain its client by choosing these carefully selected systems carefully to reach the stage of safety and luxury required
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After-sales service
It is a service provided by Al-Fayez Company to its family member, who contributed to its development and success So I decided to put after sale service   It consists in taking into account the family member and assisting him in any difficulties he faces during a period of time and quality in his unit and helping him in how to solve it as soon as possible.

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